Music of India: Bhangra

  1. This is not a song but just a short sample of what a dhol sounds like. It is by the HDP Dhol Players and was published on YouTube in 2013.
  2. “Visakhii”, written by Bibi Gurdev Kaur and sung by Tyohaaran Day Geet. The song is a festival song, not from a movie, with no publishing year to be found.
  3. “Jind Mahi”, a folk tune sung by Malkit Singh in 2002. Although it was featured in “Bend It Like Beckham”, the song was traditional and therefore not written for the movie.
  4. “Na Na Na Re” from Mrityudaata, sung by Daler Mehndi and Sudesh Bhonsle. It came out in 1997 with music by Anand Milind.
  5. This is a mashup of songs created by Cornell’s Bhangra team (possibly Masoom, who knows!) for their performance in 2015.
  6. This is also a mashup by DJ Breathless, released in 2015.
  7. This is a mashup created by Bhangra Empire, a bhangra team from University of California at Irvine. They created this selection of songs for a 2010 performance.

One Comment

  • Sayma Parhana

    Hi Naomi! I really enjoyed listening to your podcast! I’m not familiar with any of the music you’ve chosen, but I found myself “bumpin” to all your songs and now have looked up some to listen to on my road trip home!

    I also like your use of another speaker. You are lucky to have a friend who volunteered to help you, and I wanted to do something similar but everyone was so stressed about their own finals!

    Now, regarding your analysis of the songs, I liked that you compared all different types of bhangra ranging from Pujabi Harvest Bhangra to Bollywood Bhangra to Diasporic Bhangra! It is interesting to consider that some Bhangra might almost be fake. I also like your analysis of college bhangra as it made me try to connect dots to what I see at Cornell. Finally, I enjoyed your positive ending, as indeed, bhangra can bring people together, as I think about that fact that Pao Bhangra is the biggest student show at Cornell every year by the Cornell Bhangra team.

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