Not Your Aunty’s Playlist: Desi Hip-hop

  1. Madlib. Get It Right. Beats Konducta, Vol 3-4: Beat Konducta in India. 2007. MP3.
  2. Asian Dub Foundation. Rebel Warrior. Facts and Fiction. 1995. MP3.
  3. Swet Shop Boys. Batalvi. SWET SHOP EP. 2016. MP3.
  4. Mobb Deep. Give It To Me ft. Young Buck. Blood Money. 2006. MP3.
  5. Elliott, Missy. Get Ur Freak on. Missy Elliot So Addicted, 2001. MP3.
  6. Blue Scholars. Rani Mukerji. Cinemetropolis. 2011. MP3.
  7. Badshah, Zack Knight, Fuse ODG. BomBae. 2016. MP3.
  8. Woods, Jamilla. Brown Girls Theme. 2016. MP3.
  9. Singh, Mickey. Phone. 2016. MP3.

Link to further tracks:

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