We’ll split our class between peer reviewing our podcast scripts and discussing an article by Tejaswini Ganti that will help us think about the future of the song-and-dance sequence in Hindi film.


Tejaswini Ganti, “No longer a frivolous singing and dancing nation of movie-makers: the Hindi film industry and its quest for global distinction.” Visual Anthropology 2012, 340-365.

You do not need to post a discussion question, but, as always, do read closely and critically and bring your questions to class.

Podcast: We’ll spend half the class discussing podcasts and peer reviewing the drafts of our podcast scripts. In preparation, you should do the following:

  1.  Listen to 3 episodes of the ethno/musicological podcasts on the resources page and be prepared to discuss them in class. Consider these questions:
    • How do they tell a story through music?
    • What’s the tone?
    • How/Do they pique your interest?
    • Do you learn anything? Do you realize anything about yourself?
    • What does citation sound like?
  2. In order to maximize our time for productive feedback in class, I would like you to exchange your draft scripts before class.
    • Send the draft of your podcast script to the group that you facilitated with, making sure to cc me. You should do this by 9 pm Monday night.
      • Put any questions you have (“I’m not sure this song makes sense here,” “Do I need to give more contextual detail?”) in the script so that your readers can keep those questions in mind. Make this exchange be productive for you!
    • By class on Tuesday, you should have closely read the the podcast scripts from the other two members of your group. Take notes, make suggestions, and be ready to answer their questions and give concrete suggestions for improvement in class. Be prepared to provide helpful feedback.
    • Each person will get 10-15 minutes on their script.

As you prepare your script, please see the more detailed instructions in the Podcast prompt: http://bollywoodsongs2016.anaardesaistephens.com/final-project-podcast/ I have also added a “mock podcast script,” if you want to get a sense of what the script might look like.

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